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Naomi Harman, MD
Naomi Harman, MD

Dr. Harman has served as the Medical Director for the Cleburne Pregnancy Center since 2017.  She has been married to the love of her life, Dr. Brad Harman of Chisholm Trail Orthopedics, for over 20 years.  They have two children whom they enjoy watching swim competitively for USA Swim teams and the NCAA. She loves to read and exercise and is currently preparing to test for her 2nd degree black belt in American Kyukido."

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• Minimally Invasive Surgery Including DaVinic Robotic System for Hysterectomy, Removal of the Ovaries and Tubes 
• Outpatient Colposcopy
• Endometrial Biopsy
• LEEP Cone Biopsy
• Outpatient Hysteroscopy/Ablation
• Well Women Exam (Yearly Exam)
• Removal of Cervical & Endometrial Polyps
• IUD Insertion/Removal
• Nexplanon Insertion/Removal
• In-Office Ultrasounds (Pelvic Complete & Transvaginal)
• STI Testing
• Hormone Pellet Therapy
• Laparoscopic Procedures
• Cold Knife Conization
• Laser Removal of Condyloma
• Bartholin Cyst

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Dr. Harman welcomes women ages 11-65 to her practice and offers comprehensive gynecological care.

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